BSI, CDBB and the UK BIM Alliance are developing resources in the form of standards, guidance, an information protocol and a learning outcomes framework to support individuals and organizations in the UK to understand the fundamental principles of information management using building information modelling.

The guidance is structured as indicated below. Guidance Part 1 and Guidance Parts A-F support the implementation of the overall published ISO 19650 series.  Guidance Part 2 and 3 pick up on content specific to ISO 19650-2 and ISO 19650-3 respectively. Additional guidance is also available as part of the UK BIM Framework to support the transition to ISO 19650 and Government Soft Landings.


Please let us have your feedback – we would be really pleased to receive your comments and queries about the guidance so that we can continue to develop and improve it. Do get in touch by emailing us at [email protected].

Table of contents

Message from the UK BIM Alliance Chair



About BS EN ISO 19650

Transition guidance

Abbreviations and acronyms

ISO 19650 Guidance Part 1: Concepts

ISO 19650 Guidance Part 2: Delivery phase